Build trust with your customers.
Keep your site secure & trusted.

Security is in the forefront of a lot of client’s minds, especially when using personal data to complete a transaction or submit a form.

Guidelines suggest that if you use a form on your website to capture any form of personal information that an SSL should be used. If you are accepting payments on your website, your payment provider may require you to use SSL secured checkout pages.

SSL means Secure Socket Layer and is a way of encrypting the page and data sent from your forms. It can also turn the address bar green and display a padlock to show the site is trusted and secure.

An SSL is a certificate that is issued by an SSL provider. They run checks on the domain & website and some verification is required in order to issue it successfully. Once it is issued, we then install it and begin the process of securing your site and your forms.

SSL’s can be a very cost effective way of building trust with your customer base. Google likes SSL secured pages just as much as your clients.