Is your website mobile device friendly?

It’s estimated that over 60% of all web traffic is generated by mobile devices. Weather it be a smart phone, tablet, iPad or even older computer etc.

It can be difficult to keep your web design relevant and usable by all these different devices, after all, our computer screen can physically display more at once than our phones.

This is where “responsive design” takes over. All of our designs are fully responsive. This means that page layouts, menu structures, forms, even images change to create a useable interface no matter what device you access it from.

This process essentially “App-ifies”. With buttons and web elements that are engineered directly at device users make it easier for them to use your site and create a more native look and feel to the device user. Google also takes how responsive your website is into consideration when working out your rankings due to the high level of users that are expected to access it using some form of a device.